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All participants must register inside of Hurt Park at 200 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta.  Staff will direct you to where our location will be.

Registration will begin from 10:30 am until 11:30 am.  No registration will be made after these hours. Please do not ask to be place near a particular Marching Band or places in line. The line up is scheduled accordingly.


Access to Line-up area: Line up will start at 11:45 am.  Your group may warm up and practice, however, please cease from music until the start of Parade (for bands and car speakers).  We will give each Director times for Warming up Instruments, if needed. 

Drop-off Participants: Participants will be notified at the site as to which detour route we will be using.  However our closed off areas are Courtland and Gilmer (Georgia State University Student Center). 

Bus Parking: Buses will unload participants along Courtland Street (right lanes only). Buses will proceed to Centennial Olympic Park Drive & Baker to pick up their group participants.


Vehicles must enter near Courtland and Gilmer Street for Corporate/ Vending and staging area will take place here as well. We will have a staff representative guide you.


Registration to began at 10:30 am 

Registration end time will be at 11:30 am


Parade Start Time will be 1:00 pm

Parade End Time will be at 3:00 pm

End of Route Instructions: Route will end at Centennial Olympic Park Drive and Baker Street, please stay in line until the end of route. 

Parking:  We do not validate parking tickets.

On-site contact: (404) 478-7820

On-site Email:


In case of emergencies please dial 911.

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