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Black History Month Parade Pays Homage to Founder, Earl Little. 

"His Legacy Will Live On"

In today's world, it is hard to find a program that showcases the positive attributes of Black American heritage, culture and history.  Nearly a decade, ago a few men were walking down Atlanta's historic Auburn Avenue after participating in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday celebration.  One of the men turned to another and said: 'What do you think about holding an event during black history month? - An event that would attract individuals from around the world featuring marching bands, special attractions, VIP guest as well as cultural art displays that would inspire people to be proud of who they are and showcase the truth about who they are...descendants of a proud indigenous and powerful people.'  One man turned to the other and said, 'I think it is a great idea! We as a people need it and you need to make it happen'. Those men were the late Charles E. Johnson, director of the original Hosea Williams  'Sweet Auburn Spring Festival', who later died from prostate cancer and his assistant, Earl Little who was diagnosed with prostate cancer some years later.  A few years after the conversation, Earl Little produced the first Black History Month Parade in 2012 and has since grown it to become one the largest celebrations of African-American History Month in America. The Black History Month Parade features groups participating from right here at home in the downtown Atlanta Sweet Auburn district such as Frederick Douglas, Towers and Greenforest Schools and as far away as Nigeria, South Africa and Benin, West Africa, Nassau, Bahamas, which showcases the award winning Legends Marching Band, the Infinity Marching Band from Baltimore, Maryland, as well as community groups from California, Florida, the Carolinas, Alabama.  Earl Little passed on November 3, 2015.  His legacy will live on in the gift he gave to us all.....Black History Month Parade!

In Memory of Earl Little


Earl had a love for music and a passion for the entertainment industry; creating large scale events that was beyond imagination. At the age of 19 he embraced a number of activities in West Palm beach including radio broadcasting, disc jockey, and an entertainment promoter.


He embarked on a Journey, a movement that created inspiring large numbers of talented acts and human connection in public places designed to involve community lives in positive shared experiences.


Earl has a strong love for fishing just like his grandfather, grilling and showing off his excellent self taught chef skills. A philanthropist who devoted himself to his work by helping others, he especially enjoyed spending time with his family and friends.  


He was a husband, father, son, brother, and friend who shared brilliance, strong loyalty, warmth from the heart, and a smile at the simplest pleasures in life.  

Remembering Earl Little

Husband, Father, Community Leader

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“We commend you for your dedicated efforts to bring such a diverse representation of Black culture to Georgia', says State Senator Valencia Seay. The Black History Month Parade has truly become a staple event of Atlanta and for this reason, we acknowledge Earl Little, founder of the Black History Month Parade as a recipient of the 2014 most influential Men In Black Award.”  Valencia Seay


The Black History Month Parade celebrates the culture, heritage, history and accomplishments of Black/African American people in the United States and from across the world. The Black History Month Parade features marching bands, entertainers, dignitaries, civic groups, non-profits, celebrities, corporate groups, artistc expressionist, entertainment and fun for the whole family!

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